2013 Jesse Hewit and I begin work on ADULT

First Work in progress showing Feb 1-3rd at CounterPULSE. ADULT is an attempt to create a work that visually and choreographically honors/satirizes/queers/exploits/cradles collectively expressed ideas about living and dying, whilst structurally reconfiguring how we understand the building of a career, previously based on an accumulation of pieces (a fear of scarcity?), and
now based on a long-term inquiry into how ideas and interests and affinities simply do grow and change. We hysterically celebrate that we ultimately make the same piece over and over again, we costume ourselves as the monsters that we always knew we were, we reject the construct of a finished work and instead invest in the rigor of a truthfully fragile composition that exists in a LIVE space. It is a reflection of how we see our world and our lives already beginning to wind
down to an end, and we are exploring the states of life and death in that context of experience.
Feb 1-3rd Work in Progress at CounterPULSE
March- Headlands Residency
Fall Premiere TBD

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