About SQUART: SQUART was conceived in 2010. I was growing tired of how isolating/competitive the rigmarole of art-making was becoming. SQUART was something I decided to do to get folks making work and get them making it together. i decided to make a performance art event stuffed into a reality tv show model. SQUART’s format is simple-people show up, are broken up into random teams, the teams are given a list of criteria, after a compressed creation process(usually 2 hours-sometimes 24) they show their work. there’s a panel of “celebrity” judges who give feedback and select a winner. it’s usually amazing.

here’s some press/pics etc about SQUART

explaining SQUART at Headlands Center for the Arts
great article about SQUART by Robert Avila for San Francisco Bay Guardian
blog about Headlands version (Heidi De Vries)
NIcole Gluckstern for San Francisco Bay Guardian
links to photos- by Robbie Sweeney
set from Headlands 03/11
set from 07/11
set from Somarts 01/11


SQUART is and has been supported by THEOFFCENTER, SomARTS, The Lab, The Garage, Headlands Center for the Arts, and The San Francisco Foundation

Past Judges

Dale Albright, Yannis Adoniou, Robert Avila, Rob Bailis, Big Art Group (Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson) Adi Brief, Jess Curtis, Miguel Gutierrez, Keith Hennessy, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Monique Jenkinson, Brian Karl, Sara Kraft, Lex Leifheit, Stephanie Maher, Sara Shelton Mann, Juanita MORE, Nirmala Nataraj, Jessica Robinson Love,  Peter Pleyer, Pam Penisten, Erika Chong Shuch, Meg Stuart, David Szlasa, and Annie Sprinkle

Past Participants

Dante Baylor, Randy Blaustein, Christine Bonansea, Mary Ann Brooks, Maggie Burkle, Harold Burns, Gabrielle Cameron, Cathie Caraker, Lula Chapman, Jennifer Chien, Yvette Choy, Abby Crain, Ryan Crowder, Shannon Currier, Annie Danger, Cara Rose Defabio, Rachael Dichter, Jorge De Hoyos, Hana Erdman, Patrick Ferrerri, Kiele Stewart Funai, Catherine Galasso, Christine Germaine, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Sami Giron, Charles Gushie, Minna Harri,  Jesse Hewit, Philip Huang, Roche Janken, Evan Johnson, Kira Kirsch, Macklin Kowal, Sarah Kurtz, Mary Lachman, Joe Landini, Peter Max Lawrence, Emily Leap, Sadie Lune, Pearl Marill,  Erika Mark, Elizabeth Mcsurdy, Michele Menard, Christina Miglino, Mica Miro, Honey McMoney, Qilo Matzen, Ri Molnar, Lito Morales, Norm Munoz, Shawnrey Notto, Kevin O’Connor, Alicia Ohs, Lazlo Pearlman, Julie Phelps, Jai Arun Ravine, Kirk Read, Sonia Reiter, Laura Malouf Renning, Kyra Rice, Loren Robertson, Anthony Rollins Mullens, Maryam Rostami, Hanna Satterlee, Kevin Seaman, Matthew Milo Sergi, Charles Slender, Stacey Swan, Liz Tenuto, Anne Whitehead, Tessa Wills, Michael Velez, Ronja Ver, Miriam Wolodarski, Sara Yassky, Irina Zadov

March 27th 2011 SQUART! Into the Wild! 24 hour Endurance/Retreat SQUART! at Headlands Center for the Arts

January 9th 2011 SQUART! We are the Resolutionists! New Years SQUART at SOMArts

October 30th 2010 SQUART! It’s Alive! Halloween SQUART! at The Lab

June 12th 2010 SQUART! Pride! at The Lab

March 27th 2010 Easter SQUART! at The Lab

February 10th 2010 Valentines SQUART! at The Garage



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